Valley mother anxiously waits for daughters to return from trip

The Mineral Ridge woman's two daughters went on their dream vacation to a Caribbean island, only to get caught in the path of two hurricanes

MINERAL RIDGE, Ohio (WYTV) – One local family has been doubly impacted by the hurricanes in the Caribbean. They experienced the damage brought by Hurricane Harvey and are now waiting for Hurricane Irma as well.

Melika Garcia is trying to be patient and strong while taking care of her two grandchildren in Mineral Ridge. Her two daughters, Salena and Dalila, are in St. Martin.

“Hearing their voices, that’s the hard part,” she said.

Her daughters are on a dream vacation with their spouses and two other couples. They rented a house but wound up spending the week preparing it for Hurricane Irma.

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The locals said not to worry.

“Within 24 hours, the whole island is cleaned up, everything is back up and running, so no worries. But they have never seen anything like this,” Garcia said.

The storm hit St. Martin hard. There is debris all over the streets, homes are destroyed, nearly half of the water tanks are gone, and all of the gas stations are destroyed. There are also reports of looters and the famous airport right along the beach has major damage.Melika Garcia, of Mineral Ridge, has two daughters in the Caribbean during Hurricane Irma

Garcia’s daughters don’t want her to worry, though.

“I know they’re telling me everything is okay just to reassure me but I know it’s not okay,” she said.

Salena and Dalila were supposed to be coming home on Saturday.

“As of today, Saturday went to next Friday so they’re going to be there for Jose now,” Garcia said.

Hurricane Jose — which is a Category 4 — is getting stronger as it threatens St. Martin. Once the weather clears, the recovery will take months.

Santino and Haleigh can’t wait that long for their parents to come home and Garcia is anxious to know her daughters are safe.

“I would just want them in the U.S. The sooner the better,” she said.

Jose will hit St. Martin with heavy rains and tropical storm-force winds. That could delay the relief efforts and the girls getting off the island.