Local farmers mixed on fall harvest

GREEN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WYTV) – Depending on the crop, this is either a great growing season or just a good one. Either way, it means plenty of fruits and vegetables are available.

It’s a busy time for orchards like Haus’ in Green Township. This time of year, workers are cleaning, grinding, and pressing enough fruit to make about 1,000 gallons of cider a day. It’s been a good harvest thanks to a mild spring.

“We didn’t have as much cold and that helped get everything started,” said Cheryl Haus.

Haus said the apple picking season normally runs from mid-July through early October, but they this year the crops were running about a week to two weeks early.

The cider that is being bottled right now will show up at grocery stores and farm markets throughout the region.

Just up the road at Angiuli’s Farm, Carl Angiuli said the harvest this year has been good but not excellent.

“Overall, we think last year’s crop was better than this year. We had wet weather and July was awfully wet, so it was planted late and the extra rain damaged a lot of the early crop,” Angiuli said.

Angiuli said what normally would have been harvested four to six weeks ago is coming in now which mean delays for customers.

“It was the end of August to the 1st of September, now we are peaking the 10th to the 15th of September,” Angiuli said.

While that may mean more work now for local farmers, it should also mean plenty to pick from at your local market.