Sen. Brown wants Equifax execs who sold stock held accountable

COLUMBUS (WYTV) – The Equifax data breach has put nearly half of the U.S. population’s personal information at risk. Now a local lawmaker says company executives need to be held responsible.

The breach happened six weeks ago but Equifax didn’t announce it until last week.

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Executives sold company stock before the breach was made public. The stock tanked after the news.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown is part of a group now asking for a criminal investigation into the situation.

“This company doesn’t mind dinging a student from Austintown or a homeowner in Poland, doesn’t mind dinging them on their credit rating if they miss one month’s payment,” he said. “These executives should be held accountable in a big way for what they’ve inflicted on the American public.”

Equifax said the executives didn’t know about the data breach when they sold their shares. They made almost $2 million on the sale.