Trumbull Co. Jail hopes full-body scanner stops inmates sneaking drugs

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – There’s now a new tool inside the Trumbull County Jail.

It’s been six months since we first told you that Sheriff Paul Monroe wanted to add a full-body scanner to the intake portion of the jail, and now it’s finally arrived.

Basically, the scanner is tasked with finding things on inmates just coming in that the human eye can’t see.

“It’s basically a medical imaging x-ray machine at a really low dosage,” Major Dan Mason of the Trumbull Co. Sheriff’s Office said. “It will reveal anything that has either been ingested or hidden on the human body.”

Mason says there’s been an increase of people trying to get contraband inside the facility. And those people often try to hide drugs in unmentionable places.

“It would definitely cut down on all of that very much,” said Paul Burley, a corrections officer. “It would pretty much put a stop to it.”

“We’ve already had one overdose in the jail this year, as well as there had been narcotics found while corrections officers are doing searches at cells,” Mason said.

Now, before any inmate enters the secured part of the facility, they’ll take a ride on the scanner. If it picks up on any foreign objects, they can take it out themselves — or if that fails, go to the hospital to get it removed either voluntarily or forcibly through the courts.

Jail staff hopes just knowing they have this new technology will act as a deterrent.

“That’s what we’re hoping — people will realize that it’s gonna be one more level of security that they have to go through so they don’t even try to bring it in,” Mason said.

The roughly $120,000 price tag for the equipment was split between the Common Pleas Judges and the General Fund.