Benefit supports woman battling cancer who lost Mecca Twp. bar to fire

CORTLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – Friends and family on Sunday rallied around Sheri Streitferdt, who is battling cancer and lost her business in July.

Streitferdt’s Tracks Inn Again bar in Mecca Township burned to the ground overnight on July 3. And within the last few weeks, doctors say her cancer is worsening.

“Treatment has to get done as soon as possible or it’s going to be too late,” Streitferdt said.

Her loved ones hosted a benefit Sunday to help pay for her radiation treatment.

“Basically we were all sitting around a campfire and found out her cancer is back,” said Gleama Reese. “It had been in remission. And we decided we’re going to pull something together.”

The event took place at Garden Brook Banquet Center and offered a pasta dinner, 50-50 raffle and Chinese auction.

Some of the items had special meaning to Streitferdt.

T-shirts encouraged her to be strong and stay strong. People could also buy drink koozies that said, “Tracks Inn Again.”

People even had a chance to win a Tracks Inn bench, which was made from wood of the old bar.

Streitferdt calls these last few months “horrible.”

“I had cancer under control,” she said, “and with all the stress with the bar burning, and insurance companies fighting you, it’s just today.”

However, Sunday’s benefit was anything but horrible, as all of Streitferdt’s friends showed her how much they care.

“I just love all these people,” she said. “I’m just surprised they would do as much as they’ve done. They do way too much.”