Ohio drivers protest in Youngstown for livable wages

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Drivers from across Ohio took to the streets of Youngstown today to protest for livable wages.

The workers are members of the United Electrical Workers Local 716.

UE 716 is negotiating with a company called PTI, which employs drivers that transport railroad crews locally and regionally across the U.S.

PTI recently won a contract with Norfolk Southern.

UE 716 says NS dismissed the union and cut paychecks. They’re fighting to raise wages to $15.

The top pay for PTI in Ohio is $10.10.

“Every time a new company comes in, they cut our contract out and push the wages back down,” said Justin Burling of UE Local 716. “They take away our seniority, they take away our benefits, and we have to start from scratch.”

“These wages do not allow me to pay my bills easily and buy food easily,” said Toni Barry, a driver for PTI. “Or take care of my daughter by what we need.”

PTI has not responded to requests for comment.