YMCA’s Pooch Pentathalon brings 45 dogs out to the pool

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – Dogs of all sizes took to the pool at the Davis Family YMCA for the 12th annual Pooch Pentathalon on Sunday.

Fourty-five dogs participated in all.

“We love it,” dog owner Pam Wilson said. “Absolutely love it. I’m a big promoter of it. I’m a big fan of it.”

The pups splashed their way through events like water fetch, treasure dive and long jump.

Owners say it’s a great way to close out the dog days of summer.

“There’s not a lot of chance to get your dog in the water if you’ve never had your dog in the water,” Wilson said. “This is, literally, a great place to let your dogs get their feet wet.”

“I love seeing the dogs,” Jessica Driscoll-Owens said. “It’s great to see every year, too, if they come back, how they’ve progressed.”

The Boardman YMCA says the Pooch Pentathalon is one of their favorite events because of the joy it brings to all involved.

“People in the community look forward to it,” said Chris Hughes, YMCA Aquatics Director. “Even the volunteers say that this is their favorite event to volunteer for. It’s a lot of fun.”