Service charge added for Weathersfield residents getting free sewer

Some residents were also getting discounts on their water bill

Niles City Council added a $25 service charge to customers who were getting free sewer service due to a computer error for the past five years

NILES, Ohio (WYTV) – The Niles City Council voted Wednesday night to add a $25 monthly service charge for Weathersfield residents who were not being charged for their sewer service.

Last week, 33 News reported that some Weathersfield residents have had free sewer service for the past five years.

Those residents won’t have to pay back the missed fees because it was a city computer error.

The investigation also uncovered that Niles was giving water discounts to some residents.

Edward Stredney, Niles service director, said a new policy was put in place to ensure that only city councilmen can give discounts.

“It became quite apparent that discounts were being given through the service director’s office. We put a quick stop to that practice,” he said.

The discounts were taken off sewer bills for people who filled up a swimming pool or claimed they had a water break.

Stredney said he has no idea just yet on how much money the city lost on the discounts.