Salem animal sanctuary expanding to castle in Rogers

SALEM, Ohio (WYTV) – A local animal rescue is packing their bags and moving to a castle.

Alchemy Acres Animal Sanctuary is leaving Salem so that it can expand its rescue in the Rogers countryside. The animal sanctuary — which had been looking to expand for the past six years — bought its new residence two weeks ago.

“It’s a little nerve-wracking because it’s a huge adventure,” Katie Sacco of Alchemy Acres Animals said. “It’s a huge undertaking that we’re about to go on. But it’s very exciting.”

The castle — built in the 1930s — won’t house the animals. It’ll be a money-maker, as they’ll rent it out for different events.

It’s the 10 acres around the castle that they’re looking to develop.

“So we can start putting up a couple of the smaller buildings, like the office building and the wildlife rehabilitation building,” Sacco said. “So there’s room enough for those.”

Alchemy Acres is barely scratching the surface of its plans for the land.

It has hopes of adding different buildings for education, treatment, boarding and more.

But there’s one thing holding them back.

“$600,000 to purchase the remaining 177 acres,” Sacco said. “Those acres will be used for our office building, our veterinary clinic. It will be a low cost wellness clinic and spay neuter clinic.”

Alchemy Acres has a long way to go before it can afford that land and flesh out their dreams for the sanctuary. But they’re confident they can do it with the community behind them.

“Everybody’s excited,” Steve Sacco said. “This is like a dream come true. And the animals, they’re the ones that will really benefit. Cause they’ll have a peaceful, quiet place to wait to find their forever-home.”

Alchemy Acres is hoping to open their new facility next fall.

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