Grove City looking to combine elementary schools, update building

GROVE CITY, Pa. (WYTV) – Big changes are in store for the Grove City School District, with plans to combine the two elementary schools.

Soon, Highland Primary and Hillview Intermediate schools could combine under one roof. There was a public hearing Monday evening on what the $36.7 million project entails.

Both buildings are showing their age.

“The current kindergarten and 1st grade building has been in operation since 1961. It’s a double-loaded corridor, meaning it’s just a single hallway with rooms down both sides,” Superintendent Jeff Finch said.

The old school design is the same at the 2nd through 5th grade building.

“The intent of the district to provide more modern program and instruction, it’s just not conducive to it and it’s seen its reasonable life,” Finch said.

The plan is to bring Highland students to Hillview so there is one large K-5 elementary school. Hillview will be renovated and expanded to fit everyone.

The district is still in the process of creating a design proposal.

Its board adopted a resolution for a maximum project cost of $37.6 million, with a maximum construction cost of $19.4 million.