Local schools with no air conditioning tough out extreme heat

Springfield Local Schools' superintendent said students and teachers are not at risk and conditions are "not too bad"

Students and staff deal with extreme heat at Springfield High School, which isn't air-conditioned

NEW MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Schools in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Cleveland closed their doors Monday due to the extreme heat and the entire Columbus City School District let out at noon. But local schools stayed open despite the heat felt across the state.

Temperatures neared 90 degrees on Monday — 20 degrees above normal for this time of year.

Springfield Local Intermediate and High schools do not have air conditioning in the classrooms. Superintendent Tom Yazvac said it is not hot enough to cancel.

“We feel like this time, the weather is very doable here. It’s not a matter of safety of the students and staff but a matter of comfort and right now, it’s not too bad.”

The students all dressed to deal with the heat, most wearing shorts and t-shirts. In the classrooms, teachers had the lights off and the fans on. Rooms with windows had them open.

Yazvac said teachers can also take their classes to the library or computer labs, which are air-conditioned.

So if Monday wasn’t hot enough, how hot does it have to be to cancel class?

“I don’t know if we have a threshold, we have never reached it. It’s going to have to be a lot hotter than this,” Yazvac said.

After taking the temperature around the school building at noon, on the ground of the parking lot, it was over 100 degrees and some of the classrooms were in the 80s.

“Our workers are out there right now, working outside so if they can do it, our students can come to school and our teachers can teach and we’ll be fine,” Yazvac said.

When asked what he would say to students in Columbus and Cleveland, Yazvac said, “They need to be a little tougher like the people are in Youngstown.”

Since high schoolers can deal with the heat better, it is unlikely local schools will cancel.

For some elementary students, it was too hot on Monday. STEAM Academy of Warren has canceled class for Tuesday. Staff will report.

This extreme heat will only last for the next two days. After that, we will see a cooldown and more fall-like temperatures.