Staff at Trumbull County Jail continue to investigate inmate overdoses

Investigators said they don't believe that the men who overdosed brought the drugs inside

trumbull county jail

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Investigators are trying to determine how three inmates were able to overdose on drugs inside the Trumbull County Jail.

Scott Herrmann, Chris Medzie and Ryan Wright were treated for overdoses after they were found unresponsive in the jail on Sunday morning, according to investigators.

The men have since returned to the jail.

Chief Deputy Joe Dragovich said the incident remains under investigation, but at this point, they don’t believe they brought the drugs inside.

“We think they got them somewhere in the jail, from that pod, from somebody in that pod,” he said.

After the overdoses, corrections officers did what is known as a “shake-down” to check for contraband. Dragovich said a significant amount of suspected drugs was found, which will be sent off to the lab for testing.

Earlier this month, the jail unveiled its new full-body scanner, meant as a tool to prevent inmates from sneaking drugs into the jail.

One of the inmates in question in connection with this incident had been booked in before the new body scanners were installed. According to Dragovich, corrections officers took him down to the intake section to go through it when staff believed he could have something on him.

“We put him through the scanner and we did not see anything that led us to believe that he had something contained in his body,” Dragovich said.

The drugs that were recovered from the pod will be sent to the lab for further testing.