Campbell church spearheading fundraiser for Puerto Rican victims

CAMPBELL, Ohio (WYTV) – A week after Hurricane Maria smashed Puerto Rico as a Category 4 storm, the situation is not much better. In many ways, it’s getting worse. That’s prompted a Campbell church to do what it can to help bring relief.

On the island, the power is out, food is scarce, and there’s not enough water to drink, let alone wash.

Several of the members at Fountain of Grace Temple have family in Puerto Rico. Others just want to lend a helping hand.

They’re asking the community for help.

“We have family there and since the hurricane hit, we’ve been much worried because we had no communication,” said Senior Pastor Angel Lopez. “There’s still some people that we don’t have communication with and the devastation is pretty big. So we’re raising up a fund and what we want to do is take money to the people when everything settles down a bit.”

Kingdom Reign International Ministries in Boardman is joining Fountain of Grace in the effort.

“We need to show the people that we are there for them and show it in person as well,” said Senior Pastor Jesse Griffin.

He said they’re prepared to make as many trips to Puerto Rico as it takes.

Monetary donations can be made at