Armed robbers tie up Calcutta pharmacy employees, steal drugs

Police are investigating an apparent armed robbery of a Columbiana County pharmacy. Investigators are at Buckeye Pharmacy on OH-170 in Calcutta.

CALCUTTA, Ohio (WYTV) – Police say two armed robbers tied up pharmacy employees in Columbiana County and stole opiates.

The robbery happened around 10 a.m. Wednesday at Buckeye Pharmacy in Calcutta. There were three female employees in the pharmacy at the time.

Two men came in with a gun and demanded drugs, which were locked away.

“Pharmacist, they ordered her to open up the lockboxes and removed opiate-type drugs,” said St. Clair Township Police Det. Troy Walker.

Whether they wanted to use the drugs or sell them, we’ll never know. But the robbers knew it was important to keep the employees quiet while they got a head start on police.

“They zip-tied the three employees and placed them in a bathroom, then they left,” Walker said.

A person at a fast food restaurant next door saw a car waiting in a strange spot. He saw the robbers run out to the getaway car, a dark-colored Chevy Impala, and called 911.

“He thought it was very suspicious that he saw two black males running from a pharmacy, jump in, and then the car drive out of here erratically. He thought that was unusual,” Walker said.

Police said that person followed the getaway vehicle for a short distance, getting a partial license plate number.

It took employees about ten minutes before they could get free.

“The one employee was able to get out of the zip tie, freed the other two, and then they ran out the back door and ran to a local bank,” Walker said.

That’s where they also called 911.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation has been called to assist in the investigation and search for the robbers. Police are trying to use the pharmacy’s video, plus video from other businesses to try and identify people or vehicles.