Warm fall start creates buggy situation

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Pests are making a comeback this fall and keeping exterminators busy.

The phones at Grace Exterminating in Youngstown have been ringing off the hook all week. The big problem right now is bees. The warm weather has kept them active longer this season. Owner Rose Grace said the company is averaging 15 calls per day, on top of scheduled appointments.

“They kind of slowed down at the beginning of September and then they exploded in the last couple of weeks,” Grace said.

Yellow Jackets are the problem right now. William Gilmour, naturalist with Mill Creek MetroParks, said the bees are swarming, looking for food for winter.

“They are not honeybees. Honeybees make all their own food, so they are not coming around people to get anything. But if you are having a picnic in the fall, you are going to have yellow jackets visit because they want to get some food,” Gilmour said.

Bees aren’t the only insect making a comeback. Stinkbugs are showing up in droves. They are prepping for cold weather, too.

“The stink bugs are trying to go into homes for the winter. They know fall is here and they know if they stay outside, they are going to die,” Grace said.

Gilmour said once the bees and bugs get inside the home, treatments get complicated and costly.

“All you can do is keep them from going in your house. Anything you can keep up for a blockade, anything you can do to keep them from coming through,” Gilmour said.

Grace Exterminating recommends a power spray on the outside of the home to contain the stinkbugs and using a bee repellent powder to get rid of the bees.

The yellow jackets will disappear as soon as the weather gets cold, but the stinkbugs will stick around through winter and into spring.