Youngstown murder suspect asks for translators, to represent herself

Evgenia Hull

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A man and wife accused of trying to murder the wife’s boyfriend will go to trial Monday, even though the wife now wants to represent herself.

Evgenia Hull is accused of trying to kill Larry Robinson in May of 2015. The shooting happened near the corner of Elm Street and Madison Avenue, not far from Youngstown State University’s campus. Police say Hull’s husband, Thomas Hull, was the getaway driver.

Now, after almost two and half years and three lawyers later, Hull says she wants to act as her own attorney, but she can’t do that without help. Hull says she needs an interpreter, claiming she only to speaks Russian even though she has written several letters to Judge Maureen Sweeney.

“She reads and writes perfect English,” Judge Sweeney said in the courtroom Wednesday.

Speaking through a translator, Hull rattled off a list of demands, including translations of the transcripts of the seven witness statements and translation of video. Judge Sweeney was stern in her decision on those requests.

“No! You are going to trial on Monday. There is not enough time,” Judge Sweeney said.

But Hull continued her requests saying, through her translator, she needed a list of jury members so she could investigate them, but Judge Sweeney said, “That doesn’t happen.”

Witnesses said Hull and her husband were following Robinson in an SUV and Evgenia Hull was shooting at him. Robinson’s vehicle crashed into Dorian Books after the shooting.

While Judge Sweeney gave Hull until Thursday afternoon to review the evidence against her, the judge insists the case will go forward on Monday whether Hull represents herself or not.

Evgenia and Thomas Hull are accused of trying to kill Evgenia's boyfriend in Youngstown
Thomas Hull