Youngstown native shoots feature film in Valley

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A new independent film featuring local talent is being made right here in the Valley.

The film’s title, ‘LOSS3S’,’ stands for lies, obsession, secrets, sacrifices, envy and scorn. It’s about a man who struggles with decisions of right and wrong after he gets caught up in drug activity and violence.

Filmmaker and Youngstown native Maurandis Berger and his crew were on the city’s west side Wednesday filming scenes for the movie.

Berger wrote, directed, produced and also plays the main character “Reign.” He said he came back home to bring the film’s story to life.

“This movie is for Youngstown. I did wanna keep it local because I grew up here. I was raised here. I have a hard background, and I just want to show people that you can overcome,” Berger said.

While he’s previously filmed in cities like Cleveland and Los Angeles, Berger says filming in Youngstown was a challenge he was ready to take on. Many of the actors in the film are from the Valley such as Danny Rios, who plays a corrupt cop. Rios has been various films including “Spider-Man,” “The Sopranos,” and “Cleveland Abduction.”

Rios said the film is one of many to come that will be shot in the area and that Youngstown’s story and background are what will draw more filmmakers.

“The story of the mills, steel mills, the old gangsters, the hospitals, just the people. Youngstown was at one time a thriving area, and I do believe that it is coming back,” Berger said. “I wanted to come back here and show people love, and I am showing them they can do something positive.”

Berger is working to have the film shown in local theaters this December.

You can find more information on the movie on the film’s Facebook page.