Counterfeit cash victimizing online sellers in Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) –¬†Youngstown police are warning those who purchase used electronics on sites like Craiglist to be on the lookout for some phony money.

Detectives showed off thousands in counterfeit cash they’ve collected recently and some of it looks fairly realistic.

They said a number of suspects have been placing ads on internet sites, looking for audio equipment and other items. When victims answer the ads and meet the would-be buyers, they’re handed the fake bills as payment.

Police said the suspects often tell their victims they’re in a hurry and need to make the exchanges quickly so they leave.

“Some of the victims have immediately noticed the money is not right. Some have put it in their pocket, went about their business, later on discovered that it says ‘for motion picture use only’ or something like that,” said Det. Sgt. Michael Cox.

Police have issued warrants for one of their suspects, Robert Wilson III, but he hasn’t been caught yet.

Detectives said “prop money” is actually legally obtainable online and says very clearly it’s not meant to be used as real cash.

They said for the time being, the best way to avoid becoming another victim is to only buy goods from reputable sellers.