Frustrated drivers report traffic nightmare in Bazetta Township

BAZETTA TWP., Ohio (WYTV) – For hundreds of people in Bazetta Township, a quick trip to Walmart on Friday afternoon turned into a traffic nightmare.

Angry doesn’t even begin to describe how some drivers were feeling after up to two hours in parking lot traffic.

“I wish I never even came here,” Darlene Hitch said.

Brandy Ash said she was stuck in traffic for over an hour.

“Who’s going to pay for my groceries thawing in the back of my car?”

The backup is due to a pipeline construction project. Dominion Energy is replacing one on Elm Road.

“We also are installing a larger size pipeline to enable us to provide more natural gas to the Bazetta Township area,” said Neil Durbin, with Dominion.

The company closed down a lane of the road for its project and drivers are annoyed and confused by the new traffic pattern.

“I feel like somebody could be up here directing traffic because right now, we’re all kind of just figuring stuff out on our own,” Shawna Butram said.

Dominion claimed it had someone working traffic control at the intersection but WYTV crews didn’t see anyone when we were there.

“It is a high traffic area and there is, unfortunately, some inconvenience built into these types of projects. We’re trying to minimize it as much as possible but we’re not going to totally eliminate it,” Durbin said.

These drivers said that answer isn’t good enough.

“It’s ridiculous. They need to take care of this. They need to be doing it at night when there’s no traffic and get it done and over with so people don’t have to deal with this,” Brandy Ash said.

Dominon said if the weather cooperates, it plans to finish its work by Walmart on October 8. The entire project should be completed by October 15.

Frustrated drivers are reporting that the parking lot of the Walmart in Bazetta is packed with drivers unable to leave the area.