Struthers students play essential role in football radio broadcasts

STRUTHERS, Ohio (WYTV) – Struthers football is back on the radio and this time, students get to help put on the broadcasts.

Keasia Chism and Khaylah Brown, both seniors, are ready to go on air. They’re two of the students getting airtime as sideline reporters.

They’re part of the crew broadcasting the Wildcats’ home games, which are back on the air for the first time in roughly ten years.

“First game, I was nervous. Once the second game got here, I was relaxed. I was in my little groove,” Keasia said.

Khaylah described what they report on from the sideline.

“‘We just scored our first touchdown, Wildcats are up!’ It’s just an amazing feeling,” she said.

The live football game is a learning experience and already, the girls have gotten caught up in the action on the field spilling over to the sideline.

“As they scored the touchdown, there’s football players on both sides of Keasia and she’s getting sandwiched, and she’s running right with them and I’m like, ‘Run, Keasia, run!'” Khaylah said.

Students also have other roles at the game, including spotters and in production. They’re part of the Struthers Interactive Digital Media Class, working with equipment provided by the Struthers School Foundation.

“The foundation thought, ‘Well, this is innovative.’ And that’s what we fund. Innovative, cutting-edge things that go beyond the classroom,” said Dan Mamula, with the Struthers School Foundation.

The class already records announcements for school and is learning how to handle social media and other aspects of digital media.

“We do have communication classes here and stuff but this program helps me speak up and not be nervous,” Khaylah said.

“I feel like everyone likes being in this class because it lets us express who we are,” Keasia said. “Some people may not feel good talking in front of people but may be good at editing. If somebody’s good at one thing, we’re improving each other, helping each other, balancing each other out.”

The school hopes to expand their reach beyond Friday night football.

“Stream our Halloween parade, our Fourth of July parade, work with our AP mineral science classes as they test water through the Mahoning River,” Superintendent Pete Pirone said. “The possibilities are out there to expand and that’s what we’re looking to do.”

There is an excitement with big games and the girls will understand that the next two weeks — Friday night against undefeated Poland and next week for Struthers’ homecoming.

The games air on The Summit 90.7.