With 5 injection wells, Brookfield wants safety plan for residents

BROOKFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – There are 21 injection well sites in Trumbull County, five of which are in Brookfield Township. Just recently, three more permits were applied for by companies.

“With that many injection wells, we have the most injection wells in the whole state of Ohio,” said Gary Paul Lees, Brookfield Township trustee. “And I think that we should have a protocol for our residents.”

Township trustees said there are over 300 residents living where the wells are located. Earthquakes, fires, railroad tanker crashes and vapor leaks are all a concern.

Since Brookfield is a township, their safety plan falls under the county EMA. But Linda Beil with Trumbull EMA says, right now, no official emergency plan is in place.

“Normally that’s more of an ODNR,” Beil said. “And then it also comes down to the health department getting involved with that — with the wells in the area.”

Beil says injection wells are a new concern for them. She said she’s going to a state EMA meeting in Columbus next week and plans to discuss this to get ideas on a full plan.

“I know a lot of the townships are starting to have concern,” Beil said. “So we may get out and talk with them a little more and start going to trustees meetings. Or just see what we can do to help them out.”

Beil said right now the Red Cross does have shelters in place, but they won’t release the exact locations until an accident occurs.

In the meantime, Brookfield Township leaders are trying to reach out to state leaders to get some help.

“We will be meeting with the county officials soon in preparing with the ODNR and our state reps will be present also,” Paul Lees said.

A date has not been set for that meeting yet. Trustees also don’t know if it will be made public.

This story is corrected to show the number of injection well sites in Brookfield Township.