Warren bar under microscope following shooting

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Neighbors heard a familiar sound outside the Powerhouse Bar and Grill early Tuesday morning, gunfire. According to a 911 call, a witness heard about 20 shots and then saw two cars take off.

Minutes later, while police were busy dealing with a stabbing on the other side of town, they got word that a man had walked into the hospital with a gunshot wound.

The victim told police people he didn’t know who shot him in the arm or why. No one at the bar knew anything, either.

It’s a scenario Councilman Al Novak has heard all too often. He says he wants the Powerhouse Bar shut down because of violence that seems to surround it.

“Dangerous things, violations, people have been injured, robbed, assaulted, and we are going forward with it,” Novak said.

In July, council asked the state to refuse to grant a new liquor license to the business. They pointed to issues both in and around the bar.

“Not necessarily at the establishment but around the establishment, and they have gotten a bad reputation in that area,” said Council President James Graham.

Novak says the state will hold a televised conference on the bar before awarding a new liquor license.

This is the second shooting at the Powerhouse Bar this year. A man was shot in the stomach while at the bar in July. Two weeks later, he was arrested for selling heroin.

No one from the bar was available to speak on camera.