First Energy workers suspend from sky for work in New Castle

A crew member dangles from the helicopter

NEW CASTLE, Pa. (WYTV) –  There was an incredible show of skill and nerves in the skies over New Castle Wednesday.

First Energy had their “overhead transmission” crew not on the ground but in the air, dangling from a helicopter. The workers are replacing old power lines with new ones, equipped with smart technology.

Once they’re done, FirstEnergy will be able to find the source of an outage quicker and get it fixed faster.

The workers are highly trained, and actually prefer working in the sky over being on the ground.

“The helicopter does help save our legs a lot, so we don’t have to go up and down a bunch of structures every day and it’s quick. It’s a lot faster than having a whole crew set up buckets and go structure to structure, whereas we can fly in and a couple of guys can do the same work in half the time,’ Hunter Bourne, aerial construction specialist.

Bourne said they also have fun with the aerial projects but they are fully aware of the dangers involved, too.

“Safety is always a number one factor with this. A lot of moving parts with the helicopter but with that said, it is something out of the normal for the most part,” said Hunter Bourne, aerial construction specialist.

During construction, residents will not experience any power outages.

The project in Lawrence County will be completed by the end of the year.