Harry Connick, Jr. brings deserving New Castle grandma on his show

Karen Cannon's daughter, Camille, contacted to Harry Connick, Jr. and told him how his show helped them get through a tough time in their lives

Karen Cannon, of New Castle, on Harry
Credit: Harry Show/NBCUniversal

POLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – A New Castle woman appeared on the Harry show Friday afternoon, getting to play a game with Harry Connick, Jr. himself. But it wouldn’t have been possible without a little help from her daughter, Camille Colucci, of Poland.

Karen’s adventure started with a phone call from Harry producers — one she admittedly thought was a prank and didn’t even answer or call back. That was until they called again, saying she had been selected to go to New York and play the game “Dough, Ray, Me” with Harry.

“I was just so overwhelmed and I couldn’t understand what was going on,” Karen said. “Then she said to me, ‘Do you have a daughter named Camille?'”Karen Cannon, of New Castle, to appear on the Harry show

That’s when Camille had to come clean about the one-minute video she sent to the show, all about her mom and how Harry got them through a tough time in their lives.

Karen and Camille started watching the show every day after it debuted last fall. It was around the same time Camille had given birth to her twins.

“When the babies were born, [Camille] had twins a year ago and they were in the NICU for about a month and at that time, we started to watch the Harry show every day,” Karen said. “We were there between 12, 15, 16 hours a day.”

For that month, Karen said watching Harry became an escape for the mother-daughter pair.

“It became a daily ritual that every day, we would watch Harry’s show while we were in the NICU and he just became part of the family.”

Camille said she thought entering the contest was worth a try.

“I heard about the contest and he just kept saying, ‘Nominate someone who you think is deserving.’ The contest was to either win money, a tropical vacation, or something to pamper themselves and I was like, ‘That’s my mom.’ She has been here nonstop with me since I had the twins and I basically can’t do life without her.”

Then this week, Karen and Camille got to travel to New York for a taping of the show.

Karen said meeting Harry Connick, Jr. was a thrill. She said the man you see on camera is the same person when the lights and camera are off.

“He was very nice. During his commercial breaks, he would come into the audience and hang out with people and shake your hand and just talk to them. He was just so nice, just a really nice guy.”

And then came her big moment.

Video: Full segment – Karen Cannon on Harry

Karen won a trip to Jamaica and days later.

“She didn’t even realize what she had won as it was happening because the audience reacted and was clapping,” Camille said. “So she comes and sits down and I’m like, ‘Do you even know what you won?’ And she’s like, ‘No!’ But she did such a good job. I teared up, watching her.”

Days later, Karen said it still hasn’t sunk in. She said being on the show was an experience she’ll never forget.