Nugget of Knowledge: Umbrellas and bad luck

It's unlucky to open an umbrella in doors

Nugget of Knowledge

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The modern superstition about opening an umbrella indoors most likely started in the 18th century, when umbrellas were a new invention.

The design is similar to what we have today. The early umbrellas were difficult to handle.

A spring would open the umbrella with sharp metal spokes, very quickly and dangerously. So opening an umbrella was something you didn’t want to do unless you stepped outside, far away from everyone.

Or go back to the ancient Egyptians.

They used umbrellas to protect them from the hot sun. That was OK, but opening one up indoors was disrespectful to the Sun God.

Better not tempt fate.

Some say opening an umbrella indoors will upset a home’s good spirits, causing it to rain misfortune on your family.

Some people believe it’s only bad luck if the umbrella you open inside is black, was a gift, has never been used or there’s someone sick in the house.

Other bad luck umbrella superstitions:

If you drop an umbrella, never pick it up yourself.

Ask someone to pick it up for you.

Don’t give umbrellas as gifts.

Don’t put umbrellas on tables or beds.

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