Sen. Portman visits Ohio automakers, urges tax reform

PARMA, Ohio (WYTV) – While Congress is in recess in Washington D.C., Ohio Sen. Rob Portman was traveling around the state, visiting automakers and their plants.

The Republican senator’s Ohio Auto Manufacturing Jobs Tour had him visiting the Ford plant in Sharonville and the General Motors plants in Parma and Toledo, where he also visited a Jeep facility before he wrapped up the more than 700-mile trek with a visit to the Honda plant in Marysville.

Portman’s goal was to raise awareness for the economic impact the automotive industry has on Ohio and to discuss tax reforms proposed last week.

In Marysville, Portman was shown the new assembly line for the 2018 Honda Accord. The line required the plant to hire a couple hundred people, according to Portman.

He wants to see the same kind of growth throughout the state and said the way that can happen is by passing the reforms in Washington.

“Right now, our tax code is so outdated that it’s a disadvantage to be located in the United States,” said Portman.

Portman said the reforms will do more than just help businesses, they will heap additional benefits onto the middle class.

“Middle class tax cuts are really important right now. Really, for 10 or 15 years wages, they have been flat in this country. Meanwhile, expenses are up, so there is a squeeze. The middle-class squeeze is very real,” said Portman.

A detailed overview of the reforms can be found on Portman’s website. 

“The tax code is broken. Everybody realizes that, whether you’re a Democrat; Republican; Independent,” said Portman. “[Tax reform] is an opportunity for us both to get more economic growth and to provide some tax relief to the middle class.”