Howland firefighters rescue kitten heard meowing in storm drain

HOWLAND TWP., Ohio (WYTV) – Firefighters rescued a tiny kitten in Howland Tuesday afternoon. A store owner heard it meowing for help and called emergency responders.

The kitten was trapped inside a storm drain behind Watch Battery Express on Elm Road. People said they first started hearing the meowing last week.

“When we got here, the grate was oversealed with tar from the parking lot being paved so we had to scrape all the tar out of the grate in order to get down to the cat,” said firefighter Nate Durig.

Once the grate was off, Durig reached down and pulled the kitten out.

“The cat was covered in grime from the bottom of the drain so we did wash it off and got most of the grime off,” said Darrell Hatton, owner of Watch Battery Express. “It was shivering pretty badly. After being in warm water and dried off, you could see it’s pretty calm right now.”

Howland firefighters even offered the animal something to eat.

While it may have been a small rescue, it’s giving this kitten a chance to live out the rest of its nine lives.

“We had to get it out of the grate and now the cat’s gonna have a nice home it didn’t have before,” Durig said.

Hatton said he’s glad the kitten is safe and happy. He doesn’t know what the future holds for it but there are a few possibilities, including finding a forever home with one of his employees.