Council approves waiver for marijuana dispensary in Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – City council approved a waiver for a marijuana dispensary Wednesday, allowing it to operate within 500 feet of another regulated business.

Council met with three medical marijuana dispensaries on Monday about plans to start business in the Valley.

The dispensary, Holistic Healthcare Partners, has worked with council members and provided them with information regarding their intent to start business in the Mahoning Plaza.

Councilwoman Lauren McNally says their transparency with the city and law enforcement is one of the reasons she’s had only one complaint question regarding the possible new facility.

“There shouldn’t be any cause for concerns,” McNally said. “It’ll just be bringing an influx of new people to the area and hopefully benefiting the businesses around there.”

The waiver approval does not mean they are set to open. It won’t be until the state approves their application that they can move forward.

The waiver is just one more permit to add to their application for the state.

There will be two dispensaries allowed in the three-county area. It won’t be until 2018 that the state decides which dispensary is awarded the license.