Woman’s viral post tells of fallen Girard officer’s kind act

Michaela Jancsy's Facebook post about her encounter with Justin Leo tells the true nature of the late Girard officer

Officer Justin Leo (Courtesy of the Girard Police Department)

GIRARD, Ohio (WYTV) – In the wake of Girard Officer Justin Leo’s passing, people from across the Valley and around the nation have sent their condolences.

A lot of them have taken to social media — and one specific post has gone viral and touched the hearts of Leo’s parents David and Pat. It’s about an insignificant moment, but one that shows what kind of officer Justin Leo truly was.

“We’re just hearing so many things this week that we just never [heard],” Pat Leo said. “Postings on Facebook that other people are forwarding to us.”

Michaela Jancsy posted on her Facebook page Sunday about a simple speeding ticket. It was a story of the one time she came in contact with officer Leo.

He pulled over her husband Kevin — a disabled veteran — for speeding. For the Jancsy family, it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

“My husband explained that we didn’t have the money for the ticket and he was on the verge of tears,” Jancsy told WYTV. “It was only 60 dollars, but we really didn’t have it.”

“And Justin said that he had to do it because it was on camera,” Pat Leo said. “But then I guess, out of his own pocket, he took the money over to them.”

Here is Jancsy’s post of the entire story that has gone viral:

Those little moments that Leo’s parents once knew nothing about — it’s now all they can talk about.

“He knew that he still had rules to follow, but there were ways that he could still show compassion with those rules,” Pat Leo said. “Even when it was something he didn’t want to have to do, but needed to.”

“It was extremely kind of him,” Jancsy said. “It stuck with me and I’m so sorry for the family.”

The Jancsys have since moved to New Hampshire and are doing well.

Michaela says, in a way, they owe it all to Officer Leo for being so compassionate and understanding during their time of need.