Boutique offers bras for breast cancer survivors after surgery

Pink Promises Boutique, Boardman

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – Pink Promises Boutique is all about helping women prepare for life after a breast cancer diagnosis and mastectomy.

It’s about regaining a sense of self, symmetry, and balance in something as small as a bra fitting. But that’s not all this store is giving to women across the Valley.

“When women come in, I try to make them as comfortable as possible,” said Robin Ivany, the boutique’s vice president.

Sometimes comfortable means coming to terms with and grieving the loss of a breast to this disease.

Robin is not only Pink Promises’ vice president, she’s also a certified fitter. Each day, she walks this journey with patients before and after their breast cancer surgeries.

“They do go through a lot of stages of grief but we try to make it easy for them. Not that it’s easy, by any means, but easier to get their mastectomy supplies,” Robin said.

A promise that during this journey, no matter what path a woman takes, she will have support as she grieves and rebuilds.

It all starts with the first fitting for a post-operation garment.

“You’re fighting to live because that’s what it’s all about. It’s about you taking and empowering everything that you have to make your life longer,” Robin said.

After surgery, women have options that often help alleviate the stigma brought on by post-surgery garments.

“The bras are beautiful,” Robin said. “They’re lacey and gorgeous and the only difference is inside, they have a pocket that will hold a form so that you don’t notice that there’s a breast form in your bra.”

She said each time someone comes in, it’s amazing how something as small as a new bra can empower a woman.

“They feel whole again, they feel like they have symmetry. They can look down at their chest and not see something missing and have it be an ever reminder of what they went through.”

Pink Promises will work with Medicare and most insurances, which may allow for up to 12 bras per year.

There are Pink Promises Boutiques in Boardman and Girard. For more information about what they offer and how to contact them, visit Pink Promises Boutique’s website.

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