Potential threat of Black Ice overnight in the Valley

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The weather is coming together in all the wrong ways Saturday night.

After damp conditions earlier in the day, we are tracking temperatures dropping into the 30s. The cold front has passed through the area, as the showers slowly push to the east.

While the rain moves out, the temperatures could drop quick enough that we could see some light snow in western Pennsylvania.

However, as temperatures continue to drop, that means the rest of the soaked Valley could see Black Ice.

Black Ice is a common name for ice that forms on the roadways. Since ice is see-through, it appears black on the roads and hard for drivers to spot at night.

We are in a dangerous situation, because the roads haven’t been treated due to the lack of snow. If temperatures drop below freezing, it will be the first freeze of the season.

The greatest area of concern are highway overpasses and bridges. This similar situation happened last March, where it was too warm for snow but at night sub-freezing temperatures caused a 40-car pile-up on Rt. 711.

Please be cautious if driving tonight and early tomorrow.