Making transition to college easier for veterans

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Transitioning into college can be tough for any student, especially if they’re a veteran. On Monday, veterans at Youngstown State shared their experiences in the hope of helping others like them.

The Ohio Department of Veterans Services and the Ohio Department of Higher Education hosted the discussion.

Chip Tansill, the director of Veterans Services, said it’s an effort to get feedback from vets so they can guide other students in the future.

Ryan Portela, a senior at YSU, said having a Veterans Resource Center made all the difference for him.

“Just being able to have that opportunity to be with like-minded individuals and not feel like you’re being ostracized or alienated because of your service, or your sense of humor, or the moments that you have. You’re around people who understand you, who care about you, and it just makes college a whole lot easier.”

Tansill said he’s visited over 15 schools in the last year and a half.