Police: Man in traffic stop had 18 suspensions, warrants, expired registration

The suspect was given naloxone, but it didn't change his erratic behavior

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A man who was found parked askew, eyes closed and with his vehicle running is facing multiple charges after police realized he had several charges against him.

Officers say they found Daron Little, 51, behind the wheel of a car Saturday morning that was parked half on and half off Hanley Avenue. When they approached Little, his eyes were closed and the car was running. Police tapped on the window and Little opened his eyes. He told officers he was waiting for a family member to come out of the house. He said he blew the horn but didn’t know if the family member heard him, according to a police report.

Police checked Little’s record and found that he had two active warrants out of Youngstown and one out of Liberty for failing to appear on traffic charges and criminal simulation. They also found that Little had 18 open suspensions.

When Little was taken from the car, police said he had trouble standing and talking. Police called an ambulance and he was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital.

Police said Little went through periods of being groggy and being argumentative with hospital staff. When the nurse asked him if he had any allergies he said, “I’m allergic to these handcuffs,” the report stated.

Little was given the anti-overdose drug naloxone, but it didn’t change his behavior, according to the report. Hospital staff said they didn’t suspect any illegal drug use.

In addition to the warrants, Little was issued a traffic citation for driving under suspension and failure to display valid plates.