Community to discuss impacts of shorter breaks for Youngstown City Schools

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Some big changes are in discussion among Youngstown City Schools Citizens’ Coalition.

Wednesday night, they gave their committee’s input on removing the metal detectors at East High School.

Then, a new topic was brought up for them to work with until the next meeting — changing the school year to a balanced calendar. That would change up the year so there are several equal-length breaks instead of one large summer break.

“We just feel like it gives students more frequent breaks, teachers more frequent breaks, same amount of school days. Just making it more in tune with how students learn and to the demands of a 21st-century society,” said Youngstown City Schools Superintendent Joe Meranto.

The Coalition committees are now going to research and think about the balanced year.

They’ll come back next meeting and give their input, which CEO Krish Mohip will use in making a decision.