Nugget of Knowledge: World War II slang

Eight ball is the soldier always messing up

Nugget of Knowledge

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The following is slang used during World War II:

SNAFU: Situation normal, all fouled up.

TARFU: Things are really fouled up.

FUBAR: Fouled up beyond all recognition.

Beat your gums: Talk a lot, maybe too much.

Chow Hound: The guy who’s always first in the dinner line. Think “Mooch.”

Dear John: Tthe letter from your wife or gal telling you it’s all over.

Eight Ball: The soldier who’s always screwing up.

Hubba! Hubba!: To show enthusiasm over something.

Joe: Coffee

Juice: Electricity

Maggie’s Drawer’s: The red flag on the firing line that shows you missed your target.

Mickey Mouse Rules: Petty rules, or rules just for the sake of having rules.

That’s All She Wrote: The traditional yell from the mail clerk when he was done distributing all the mail that day.

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