‘My hope is I become the norm,’ Youngstown judge-elect says of historic win

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – One day after the election, candidates are letting the feeling of winning or losing sink in, but one local candidate also made history with her win Tuesday.

Judge-elect Carla Baldwin became the first African-American and woman to take a Youngstown Municipal Court judgeship.

Baldwin says she’s been on cloud nine since the election and doesn’t plan to come down anytime soon. She is grateful to everyone who believed in her and helped her bring the campaign together.

“This was a hard-fought battle,” Baldwin said.

That battle was a risky one, too. Baldwin ran on zero political experience. She wasn’t the backed candidate in the primary, but that didn’t stop her or her team from pressing onward. Their passion ignited hers.

“To see them all together and champion your dream and they get no reward other than knowing that our community is better and knowing that they supported me. That is everything,” Baldwin said. “Now my daughters believe anything is possible.”

As Baldwin takes the next few days to soak in her historic win, she hopes that in the future women and minorities will be much more commonplace on the bench.

“My prayer, my hope is that I become the norm. It will not be abnormal to see a person of color, especially a female of color, in this country, sitting on the bench,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin will still be a magistrate within the juvenile court system for the next month or so, and then she will head to the Supreme Court in Columbus for judicial training.

Baldwin will take the Youngstown Municipal Court bench in January.