Special pens let turkeys get around at Columbiana farm

COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WYTV) – Nearly 50 million turkeys will be eaten across the country on Thanksgiving Day – 180 of those will come from Lamppost Farm in Columbiana.

Lamppost Farm opened 11 years ago, and a lot has changed. They’ve quadrupled a number of turkeys they produce, and the farm recently switched how they raise the birds, giving them a new style of home.

About 180 turkeys have been living in mobile coops at the farm for the last four months. The coops are moved around every day. Owner Steve Montgomery said the new pens are good for the birds.

“We control their grazing, but we also protect them from predators. It gives them the opportunity to forage, but we can also cover our field, so we get the benefits of the manure,” Montgomery said. “We had great success. Our average weights have gone up about three pounds per bird.”

A hose is connected to the pen for water and feeders hang inside. The pen is 36 feet long, so a truck pulls it 36 feet further down the field daily.

These moveable coops replaced 10 eight by twelve feet pens, which were spread across the farm. The new models give turkeys a better chance to move around and be on fresh land.

“They get fresh air that flows through the coop, and they are on fresh pasture every day. Those two benefits are unmatched,” Montgomery said.

Time is ticking for the turkeys now. Montgomery will put them in a trailer soon and take them for processing. Pleasant Valley Poultry in Baltic, Ohio will process the birds and put them in a vacuum-sealed package for Lampost Farm customers.