Suspects change mind in middle of robbery attempt in Youngstown

One suspect said it was all a joke

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Police are looking for two suspects that changed their minds in the middle of a convenience store robbery.

According to the police report, two men in masks walked into the Rainbow Red and White on Elm Street at around 6:44 p.m. One suspect was wearing a white mask, and the other a black mask. The suspect in the black mask pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded “everything.”

The employee told officers the suspect in the white mask was about to jump over the counter, but then said it was all a joke. He tried to shake the clerk’s hand but the clerk refused the gesture.

The suspects ran from the store towards Gypsy Lane with no stolen goods or money. The clerk told police he knows one of the suspects.

Police say they will charge the duo with attempted aggravated robbery once they are caught.