Youngstown residents wearing orange to support school district

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Youngstown City School District is painting the town orange.

The district is handing out orange ribbons to families so they can show their pride in the district.

This latest move comes after some community members disapproved of the district’s Strategic Plan.

Organizers said they hope families wear these ribbons to show the unity and positive changes in the school district.

As for the color choice?

Youngstown City Schools CEO Krish Mohip said orange represents hope.

“I think there’s been some hopelessness,” Mohip said. “That’s kind of why I took the job when I came to Youngstown, and I saw that when I was talking to community members,. But, restoring that hope, we talk about restoring hope. We talk about restoring hope, and that’s where the orange came from.”

If you’re interested in picking up an orange ribbon for your home, call the Youngstown City School District at 330-744-6900.