Nugget of Knowledge: Shopping history

An academy award winning actress is named after a Cleveland department store

Nugget of Knowledge

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Archeologists have found the oldest customer service complaint written on a tablet in Mesopotamia 4000 years ago. The customer complained that he was sold some inferior copper.

Like casinos, shopping malls are meant to make you lose track of time with no clocks and windows so you could see outside.

Sears used to sell build-your-own homes in its mail-order catalogs.

The first shopping catalog appeared in the 1400s when an Italian publisher hand-printed a catalog of his books and passed it out at town fairs.

In the late 1800s in Corinne, Utah, you could buy legal divorce papers from a vending machine for $2.50.

Some of the oldest known writing in the world includes a 5000-year-old receipt inscribed on a clay tablet. It was for clothing.

Actress Halle Berry was born in Cleveland, and her parents named her after Cleveland — Halle Building, home to the Halle Brothers department store.

Cyber Monday is not the biggest day for online shopping. Millions more Chinese are buying billions on November 11 —  that’s Singles Day.

That’s a Chinese holiday that encourages single people to send themselves gifts, accounting for $38 billion spent this year.

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