Investigators arrest 10 men during local prostitution sting

Pictured: Sergio Galazia, Brian Glunt, Brian Kerr, Todd Lindberg, Jason Miodrag and Michael Morton

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Police arrested ten men Wednesday in an undercover sex sting in Warren.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office says all ten men responded to “sex for hire” ads online but instead of getting what they were looking for, these “Johns” wound up in handcuffs.

“At one point, it was almost like being at LaGuardia. We had them circling so we could take one out before the next one came in,” said Warren Law Director Greg Hicks.

Those arrested were:

  • Sergio Galazia, 29
  • Brian Glunt, 46
  • Brian Kerr, 45
  • Todd Lindberg, 52
  • Jason Miodrag, 36
  • Michael Morton, 39
  • Cean Westley Nelsen
  • Larry Pasquarello, 35
  • Gerald Rodriguez, 37
  • Robert Rohrbaugh, 44

All pleaded not guilty to soliciting charges in Warren Municipal Court Thursday morning.

Todd Lindberg is the Austintown girls varsity bowling coach. Austintown Superintendent Vince Colaluca released a statement, saying Lindberg has been placed on suspension:

Our top priority is the safety of the young ladies on the team. As soon as we received information of the arrest last evening, we immediately placed the coach on suspension. This arrest is not affiliated with the Austintown Schools in any way, and the safety of our student-athletes was not compromised at any time. The administration at Fitch will be communicating with our bowling student-athletes and parents this afternoon.”

Lindberg has no previous criminal record, according to the school district.

Robert Rohrbaugh, an attorney, didn’t appear in court. Instead, he filed a written waiver.

“Knowing that this activity was occurring in and around Warren and the communities,” Hicks said. “I’m proud of the individuals who worked very hard in making this a successful enterprise.”

The investigation was a joint effort by several law enforcement agencies, including the Warren Police Department, Attorney General’s Office, Austintown Police Department, Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office, Adult Parole Authority, and Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Officials say it’s just one way to combat the heroin epidemic, since they claim most of the people selling themselves for sex online are doing so to pay for their next fix.

“If we’re able to try to disrupt some of that source of income then we, in fact, are trying again to put a hurt on the heroin trafficking,” Hicks said.

The Attorney General’s Office says more undercover operations like this are already in the works.

Cean Westley Nelsen Larry Pasquarello Gerald Rodriguez Robert Rohrbaugh
Pictured: Cean Westley, Nelsen, Larry Pasquarello, Gerald Rodriguez and Robert Rohrbaugh