Cold air ushers in concern and need for preparation

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The mild fall has quickly turned much colder, dropping temperatures over 20 degrees.

Furnaces will be running more often, and newer, high-efficiency models have more sensors and relays that need to be checked by a professional.

The simplest problem is something you can handle yourself — check the filter.

“Airflow is critical in any equipment, heating or air conditioning. As a filter gets dirty, they restrict airflow. The furnace overheats, it wastes energy. It doesn’t heat the house, it cycles on limit controls. Basically, you are wasting a lot of energy and losing comfort and money,” said Joe Del Fraino with Central Heating and Cooling.

Del Fraino recommends having a professional check your furnace and air conditioning unit at least every year.

Another concern as the weather turns colder is how pets handle the freezing temperatures. Paul Murgu was out Wednesday taking his friend Asia out for a walk in Boardman Park. There were also a couple dogs playing around at the Pawstown Dog Park, and they didn’t seem to mind the weather.

But humans know that at this time of year the colder weather is normal. Dogs go outside rain or shine, freezing or hot.

“It’s a daily duty. If the sun rises, we are going to be out here. That’s no question asked. It is not up for debate anymore,” Murgu said.

One concern for animals is road salt or any salt used to melt snow and ice. Always check your pet’s paws to make sure they’re clean when coming back inside.