Boardman police say search uncovered marijuana within reach of young kids

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – Boardman police released more details on the search of a Meadowbrook Avenue home on Wednesday.

Police said there was a large amount of marijuana scattered around the house, in reach of 2- and 5-year-old children who lived there.

Police also reported finding $3,314 in cash and numerous drug items, including pipes, bongs and digital scales.

Police questioned a woman in the home who said she “smokes a lot of weed,” and when asked about the safe, she said “I put my good stuff in the safe so the girls can’t get it,” according to a police report. Police said she told investigators that she wasn’t worried about the children swallowing the marijuana because she has “done research” and “it won’t kill them.”

Investigators also noted in their report that the house was filled with clutter, animal feces, and there was no hot water. There were several dogs, six cats and a bunny living there, police said.

Police said approximately 200 grams of marijuana was seized from the house.

No one has been charged yet, but police continue to investigate.