Hometown Heroes bring hot meals to doorsteps of people who need them

Trumbull Mobile Meals is always in need of volunteers

Trumbull Mobile Meals volunteers

TRUMBULL CO., Ohio (WYTV) – A team of volunteers in Trumbull County get up bright and early so those in need can have hot meals.

Trumbull Mobile Meals started in 1970. The organization prepares fresh meals daily and delivers them to people who are homebound and can’t get or prepare a meal themselves.

It uses mostly local resources. Trumbull Mobile Meals’ produce comes from Scarpaci’s in Warren, bread comes from Schwebel’s in Youngstown, beverages from Austintown Dairy, and meat from Ohio farmers.

Over 40 volunteers cook and put the meals together. Then volunteer drivers deliver them fresh to over 240 people every day.

“It’s important to us. We believe neighbors need to help neighbors and in order to be a successful community, those are things that need to happen,” CEO Becky Edwards said.

Several volunteers said it doesn’t feel like work because they all have a great time with each other.

“I want to get out and help people and meet people,” said Sue Marvin, a 25-year volunteer.

Elise Tessean, a new volunteer, said it’s like family.

“You walk in and you meet everybody, and they’re so welcoming and they’re so excited to see you week in, week out.”

A lot of the people that receive these meals are senior citizens who, otherwise, might not be able to stay in their homes.

“I’ve had elderly family and at that time, services weren’t available and they had to go to assisted living or with a family member. This way, they’re kept independent in their own surroundings, which keeps them going more,” said Fred Black, who’s been volunteering for eight years.

Becky said they’ll always make sure people in need are fed.

“No matter what the weather is, we deliver those meals. If we close the office and don’t deliver, we still call every single client to make sure they have food and if they don’t, the staff here goes out and delivers meals to them.”

Energy and the desire to help others is something everyone at Trumbull Mobile Meals has in common.

“We all share that passion, it’s awesome,” Becky said. “It’s positives happening here in Trumbull County every single day.”

Fred said he’s going to keep volunteering until…

“They kick me out, or I can’t do it or I need the service.”

Trumbull Mobile Meals is always in need of volunteers. If you would like to help or if you know someone in need of a hot meal who can’t get one, visit Trumbull Mobile Meals’ website or call 330-394-2538.