Ohio Attorney General warns of questionable charities

Attorney General DeWine suggests asking three questions to make sure the charity is legitimate

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WYTV) – Ohio’s “top cop” has a warning the next time you answer your phone: Scam artists don’t take a holiday.

Attorney General Mike DeWine says December is the biggest month for charitable contributions to ask for donations.

To make sure the money you donate goes to a reputable organization, DeWine suggests asking three questions, which legitimate charities must answer.

Are they registered in the state of Ohio? What percentage of the money actually goes for charitable purposes? Last, ask the caller to send something in writing so you have time to think about a possible donation.

“It’s the holiday season, people feel like they want to be charitable, people want to get a tax deduction and so this is a big month,” said DeWine. “It’s a month I think people need to be particularly careful of.”

DeWine also asks that if you do get a questionable caller to report it to his office at www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov.