Pa.crews stayed ahead of snowfall even as drivers struggle on busy I-80

MERCER COUNTY, Pa. (WYTV) – By late morning Thursday, many of the PennDOT crews covering Mercer County were on their way back to their garage having covered the county’s 1,700 miles of interstate, including main and secondary roads.

Maintenance Manager Darrell Chapman said they had crews out around the clock for the past two days monitoring the roads and spreading salt.

Despite seeing about six inches of snow, many of the primary roadways were clear by morning, but residents still had to deal with some headaches, whether it is was using a broom to sweep off their cars or shoveling off driveways, many in Mercer County were busy making their own paths in the snow.

Michelle Firster was not only clearing away her driveway and sidewalks but part of the street as well.

“When I go ahead and snow blow and then I’m all done. Then, the snow plows come through and they kind of like, they throw the snow back into the area that you had just done,” Firster said.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing. Firefighters sent photos to WYTV of a tractor-trailer crash along Interstate 80, west of Grove City. Although no one was badly hurt, the highway was shut down for a couple hours while the mess was cleaned up.

Chapman said it is important that drivers give salt trucks plenty of room.

They just need to be cautious when they are out there spreading – that they stay back so we’re not getting them with anti-skid and salt, allowing that material to work and using caution with their speed,” Chapman said.