33 Pinpoint Weather: Average Winter Snowfall


What month is the snowiest in Youngstown?   We’ll get to that in a moment.

Komara Jewelers has a promotion that pays off if we get 4″ or more of NEW snow on December 25th!

Curious about this, I looked up how often it has happened.  It’s possible, but probabilities are low.

According to the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport, we had 5.4″ Christmas day in 2002.  We had 3″,  Christmas 1993.

We have 10.3″ of December snow, not far off our 15″ average December snowfall.  Here are the average snow amounts for Winter in the Valley…

  • 15″    December
  • 16.6″ January
  • 12.8″  February
  • 10.9″  March