Howland Twp. next community to get traffic speed camera

New traffic camera, Howland

HOWLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – In an effort to reduce the number of crashes on State Route 82 — police officers in Howland Township are one step closer to using handheld cameras to catch speeders.

Howland Township trustees have selected a company to move forward in the process.

Board Chairman Rick Clark says they picked Blue Line Solutions on the recommendation of Police Chief Nick Roberts.

Clark says there will only be one handheld camera manned by a police officer, targeting State Routes 82 and 46, along with school zones.

He says money made from the tickets will help with the police department’s budget and pay for the overall cost of the camera — and it won’t cost taxpayers a thing.

“There’s no cost to the taxpayer of Howland Township to operate these speed cameras. The officers’ wages, signage, training all of that’s paid for out of the Blue Line’s 32 percent,” Clark said.

The other 68 percent of ticket revenue will go directly to the police department’s budget.

Clark also says this is only something to worry about if you decide to speed.

“We realize it’s a revenue stream for the police department in addition to a safety measure but as we’ve said before, if you’re not speeding, why do you worry about how you catch speeders?”

Officials hope to start using the camera sometime in early 2018.