Struthers family sets up donation station to help others give back

NORTH LIMA, Ohio (WYTV) – One local family has found a way to help everyone give back — big or small.

The Danyi family started their community service project a year ago and since then, have expanded their reach even further. Now, there’s a spot where you can “give what you can, or take what you need.”

Nearly a year after the Danyi family offered the community their first “Pay It Forward” box in Struthers, they’ve set up another station for a second box.

Joe Danyi said it can be used in different circumstances.

“If you’ve struggled or had a hard time, you can use the box to sort of pay it forward —¬†however you would have been liked to have helped at the time, you can help somebody else.”

The new box is located outside Gate Church in North Lima. Anyone who needs help can come to the box, take just one item or as much as they need.

The family put it up December 1 after realizing how successful the first box was.

Joe said the box’s popularity was a surprise.

“More than we ever expected would show up. We have probably 20 visitors a day, both dropping off and receiving.”

Ryan Danyi said his family fills the box almost every Sunday after church.

“We go to the store and we buy some stuff for the ‘Pay It Forward’ box and put it in.”

The items purchased include food, kitchen items, books, blankets and anything else someone could have a need for.

The family’s hope is that word of the box will spread and more people will start “Pay it Forward” boxes.

“You know our goal is to have one in every city all over the country because there really is a need,” Joe said.

The family said starting your own box is simple — get a utility box, secure it to the ground or a pole, put a sign on it to let people know what it is and go to the box occasionally to make sure it’s filed and organized for people to use.