Elections officials called to testify in Youngstown mayoral candidate’s complaint

Sean McKinney alleges that November's election was fraudulent and that people voted illegally

On Monday, Sean McKinney issued a release stating he's running for Youngstown Mayor in November.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – About a dozen people have been subpoenaed to give depositions in former Youngstown Mayoral candidate Sean McKinney’s lawsuit against the Mahoning County Board of Election.

Those depositions are scheduled to begin Wednesday morning.

McKinney’s lawyer Don Brey tells WYTV he will not be making the trip to Youngstown because all but two people will file to have their depositions rejected.

Listed in the notice to give testimony at the hearing are the following:

  • John Kennedy
  • Chris Rakocy
  • Jenny Ditzler
  • Sandra McCabe
  • Joseph Rakocy, Jr.
  • James Smith
  • Mike Sciortino
  • David Ditzler
  • Carol Rimedio-Righetti
  • Lisa Antonini
  • David Betras

McKinney and his legal team have also ordered Joyce Kale-Pesta and Tom McCabe from the Mahoning County Board of Elections to bring 25 different types of documents related to the election. Documents requested include the list of voters who submitted absentee ballots and those who were disqualified.

Jamael Tito Brown defeated McKinney in the race for Youngstown mayor by 198 votes, according to the Board of Elections. McKinney said that election was fraudulent, however.

McKinney claims that 125 people may have somehow voted illegally. Some residents were denied the right to vote, while those in nursing homes with poor mental capacity were given provisional ballots, he said.

“We have heard about people in nursing homes being used as political pawns. People who can’t even ask for a glass of water but somehow requested an absentee ballot,” he said.

Mayor-elect Tito Brown denied going to any nursing homes.

McKinney wants a new election overseen by the Ohio Secretary of State. He has already asked for an internal investigation by the Mahoning County Board of Elections into November’s miscount.